Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN)

Do you have experience in mediation, peacemaking and peacebuilding in your community, or at a national, regional or international level? Are you keen to connect with other women to share your experiences of mediation and learn from each other? Are you passionate about expanding the space and opportunities for women in peace processes globally? Are you living and working in the Mediterranean region?

If so, you could join the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network (MWMN).

The network, among few other regional networks, works to bring together women active in the mediation field both at the grass-root, academic and political level across the Mediterranean region connecting local realities to global issues. The goal of the MWMN is to enhance opportunities and spaces for women’s meaningful inclusion in peace processes. The Network works as a community of practice and provides opportunities for women mediators to strengthen their existing capacities through peer to peer learning, mentoring and targeted training.

2020 is particularly relevant for the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda as the international community celebrates the 20th anniversary since the adoption of UN SC Resolution 1325 in October 2000, and the Network is planning more initiatives across the region.

As the project is growing, the Network holds calls for membership for women peacebuilders on a regular basis, welcoming women from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations across the Mediterranean, who play an active role in mediating conflicts, both within communities and as part of official peace processes at national and regional levels, including experts on this field.

Interested applicants should meet the following criteria

  • Identify as a woman;
  • working on peacebuilding and diplomacy and/or have an expertise on one of the following subjects: conflict studies, transitional justice, natural resources, violent extremism, climate change, disarmament, gender and security (UN SCR 1325);
  • live in a Mediterranean country[1] and/or be a citizen of a Mediterranean country temporarily deployed abroad;
  • be actively engaged in mediation at the community, the national, or the global level;
  • have experience in mediation at large and the ability to work with and creatively resolve problems in complex conflict-affected contexts;
  • have the ability to build trust between and within conflicting parties and create safe and inclusive spaces for dialogue and apply a gender sensitive approach;
  • be willing to be an ‘Ambassador’ of the MWMN and commit to its founding principles and mission;
  • be willing to travel and attend workshops and meetings in other countries on behalf of the Network.


Benefits of membership

Being a member of MWMN gives the opportunity to advocate for greater women’s participation in peace processes globally and to become part to a wider community of practice, which includes a large network of women active in mediation and the possibility of being a member of the Global Alliance of Regional Women Mediator Networks. It gives the opportunity to meet fellow experts in the field of mediation working at the local, the national or the global level, coming from different walks of life. Additionally, it allows to have a range of learning opportunities, including targeted training and peer-to-peer learning and mentoring.


Members will be expected to

  • Believe and share the mission and values of the Network
  • Commit to the Network and contribute to the achievement of its objectives.
  • Be willing to share one’s expertise and experiences with other members.
  • Serve as Ambassadors and Spokesperson for the Network.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Network in various fora at the local, the regional and the global level.
  • Increase strategic visibility and engage others in the Network’s work.
  • Attend the Network’s activities which include workshops, training, meetings (at least 3 per year)
  • Contribute to the Network’s Online blog (at least twice per year).
  • Actively participate in promoting and raising awareness on the Network.

[1] The scope of the membership of the MWMN for the moment includes the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Egypt, France, Jordan, Greece, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

Meet the MWMN members

Visit the MWMN Mediators page to find out more about the network members.

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