Local Initiaties

The Secretariat works closely with its members to identify initiatives and activities that can be conducted locally to further promote the objectives and mission of the Network.


The MWMN has closely monitored the ongoing conflict in Libya and the peacebuilding efforts carried out throughout the years in an attempt to identify ways in which the Network could support the initiatives aimed at achieving a sustainable resolution to the conflict.

In November 2018, Libyan members of the MWMN successfully lobbied to obtain the later inclusion of three women in the formal Libyan delegations at the Palermo Conference for Libya, promoted and organised by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference aimed at promoting Libya’s stabilisation process within the framework of the UN Action Plan and in the full respect of Libya’s ownership of the peace process. At the beginning, there were no women included I n the delegations. Thanks to the relentless advocacy campaign done by NGO Together we build it, and the support of UN Women, WILPF, the MWMN and the Nordic Women Mediators, a group of women and mediation experts were also admitted to the conference, with the objective to provide support and facilitate the dialogue between the three official female delegates and the international representatives.

2020, almost 10 years since the beginning of the conflict, saw a new engagement from the Network determined also by the involvement of new members from Libya and the appointment of Stephanie Williams as Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of Mission of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL). Initially, a letter was sent to Ms. Williams to share with her the Network’s concerns about the situation of the Libyan women due to the consequences of the protracted conflict.

This first open-letter was followed by a Closed-door meeting on October 28th focusing on the “Full and meaningful inclusion of women as the prerequisite for a sustainable peace in Libya” organised by the MWMN in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy and UNSMIL; which saw the participation of Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Sereni, A/SRSG Stephanie Williams, Ambassador of Italy Giuseppe Buccino, Libyan members of the MWMN and the MWMN Secretariat. The consultations gave the opportunity to the members to express their concerns about the current situation and the challenges women face in Libya both with regards to their inclusion in the peace efforts as well as to their status. The members voiced recommendations such as the inclusion of women in Sub-Committees, gender mainstreaming agreements, creating Advisory Committees with national ownership and set up a committee of women to monitor the peace tracks. Discussions led to reflections as to how the MWMN can support the work of UNSMIL.

Local Antennas

Throughout the years, the Secretariat has worked closely with its members which has led to the establishment of antennas, local realities of the Network where the members engage with a wider group of women involved in peacebuilding and mediation at the local level and conduct initiatives.