The Mediterranean Women Mediators Network organizes training activities for its members on gender mediations and related issues. These trainings contribute to enhancing the Network members’ skills and competences while also providing in-depth analysis on specific issues. Furthermore, these activities are also an opportunity for the mediators to meet each other, strengthen their ties and developing their sense of belonging to the Network.

“Training and experience sharing on inclusive and gendered mediation”

In 2019, the MWMN launched two sessions on “Training and Experience Sharing on Gendered Inclusive Mediation” that were conducted in Rome, one in English and one in French.  The trainings aimed at developing gender-sensitive conflict analysis competencies and at reinforcing mediation and negotiation skills.

The first session, in English, was held on April 8-12, 2019. Read the report here.

The French edition took place on June 10-14, 2019. Read the report here.

"Leading Effectively in High Pressure Environments"

Between May 21 and June 11, 2020, the MWMN has organised an online Masterclass focusing on women leadership aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills to lead authentically and effectively in high-pressure and crisis environments.

Read the report here.
Read the news of the event here.


"Leadership in Mediation: Visibility, Influence and Impact"

Continuing to focus its 2020 capacity building activities on “Leadership Skills”, the MWMN has partnered with The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and Durham University to organise an online course on “Leadership in Mediation: Visibility, Influence and Impact”. 

The first edition of the training which took place from June 22 to 26, 2020:

  • Read the report here.
  • Read the news of the event here.

A second edition was offered from August 24 to 28, 2020:

  • Read the report here.
  • Read the news of the event here.


"Art of Communication - Techniques and Strategies of Public Speaking"

Following a series of trainings on leadership, the MWMN continued to promote the improvement and refinement of the members’ competences focusing on communication, the Secretariat decided to participate in The Art of Communication, a practical and theoretical training designed by the organization Artway of Thinking and held by Federica Thiene and Stefania Mantovani.

The training had a twofold objective, specifically to advance communication skills both within the Network and outward, from the Network towards others, the general public or a specific audience. For this reason, the course involved the MWMN Secretariat for internal communication, and a group of mediators from the Network to work on external communication.

The members of the Secretariat reunited for a 3-day training on the Island of La Certosa, outside the coast of Venice. There, through the technique of learning-by-doing and a co-creative methodology, the participants worked on the harmonization of communication processes within the group and reflected on instruments for an effective exchange of information. The training intended to and succeed in tackling questions as: How do we perceive, look at and describe what’s around us? How can we relate with others through a healthy communication? Are we mindful of how we are perceived?

The training with the Secretariat was followed by an online training for the members of the network, which consisted in a first plenary introductory session followed by individual meetings with the goal of providing participants with audio-visual public speaking techniques, for an effective and empathetic communication in professional, high-level situations. The purpose of the training was for each mediator to find her own voice, feeling at ease while communicating in public.

Stemming from the concept that communicating is a natural process ingrained in the creation of relationship with others, the training provided an analysis of the levels of communication, namely intellectual, kinesthetic, emotional and energetic, and how to integrate all of them when communicating. A focus was also places on the “composition” when delivering a speech especially now in the context of online events, which entails the space setting; the background; the appearance and attitude of the person; and the relationship between the latter and other subjects involved. The trainers also explained the importance of non-verbal communication and provided suggestions on how to build a narrative that effectively support the message people try to communicate.

Finally, participants have produced a video-interview applying the strategies learned, which has be shared on the MWMN platform and was part of the 20th Anniversary celebration of UNSCR 1325 initiatives.


The activities de visu are combined with remote learning experiences as the Network also hosts webinars focusing on the “Women, Peace and Security” in different contexts, ranging from a more general perspective on how to include a gender perspective into conflict analysis,  to case studies on the role of women in specific conflicts. These webinars are held by international experts in the field and women peacebuilders operating in conflict areas.

Muna Luqman "The role of Yemeni Women in the Peace Process"

On January 10, 2020 the MWMN hosted a webinar on “The role of Yemeni Women in the Peace Process” with Muna Luqman.

Read the full event report here.

Isabelle Arradon "Introducing a Gender Perspective on Conflict Analysis"

On February 11, 2020 the MWMN hosted a webinar on “Introducing a Gender Perspective on Conflict Analysis” with Isabelle Arradon.

Read the full report here.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

The MWMN launched a webinar series focusing on COVID-19 analysing its impact on conflicts and gender-related issues. Discussions addressed the following topics: