Between May 21 and June 11, 2020, the MWMN has organised an online Masterclass focusing on women leadership aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills to lead authentically and effectively in high-pressure and crisis environments.
The course “Leading Effectively in High Pressure Environments”  was held by Jennifer Wittwer, international expert, author and speaker on gender and Women, Peace and Security (WPS) with a vast experience in developing workplace education and women’s leadership and participation programs.
Based on Jennifer’s recently published book Against the Wind: How women can be their authentic selves in male-dominated professions”, the masterclass invited members to develop their self-awareness, cultivate a growth and change-oriented mindset, and provided them with strategies aimed at strengthening resilience, while also managing and limiting the effects of stress. Through individual exercises and interactive discussion, mediators had the opportunity to reflect on their personal and professional path and to share experiences in order to increase their influence, transform obstacles into opportunities, and not let setbacks prevent them from being great, effective leaders.
Read the training report here.