Mediators of Andorra

Patricia Quillacq

Categories: Andorra, English, Environmental conflicts, France, French, Italy, Property development and environmental protection conflicts over resource management, Spain
Location: Andorra
Geographical expertise: Europe (Andorra, Spain, France, Italy)
Topical expertise: Environmental conflicts over resource management or over urban/territory/landscape planning
Languages: French and English

Patricia Quillacq’s experience ranges from international legal advising and diplomacy to specialized knowledge on environmental matters. She trained in mediation and obtained her LLM in Environmental Law. While not pursuing a career as a “mediator”, she integrated the techniques and skills of the mediation in her career. As Agent of the Government to the European Court of Human Rights and Central Authority acting for the Convention on the civil aspects of the abduction of minors, she constantly acts as a mediator between the parts. While working for the Region of Tuscany, and later as a consultant for the Project GoverNat (participatory processes in managing water and biodiversity), she would be often part of a team organising the participatory processes, acting as mediator. In all these times, her mediation training was and still is a great resource. While not been involved directly in peace-making, she actively works for the respect of human rights and the achievement of the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection, being president of a conservation NGO for many years.

Patricia Quillacq

Patricia Quillacq’s experience ranges from international legal advising and diplomacy...