On June 27 and July 2, 2020 the Cyprus Antenna conducted its first activity aimed at both enlarging the membership to the Antenna with women of diverse talents and expertise and to also build a core community of women mediators and with gender awareness.

Welcoming 18 women from academia and civil society with backgrounds in European politics and women’s rights, in peace and multilingual education, in International law, in conflict resolution and mediation, in domestic violence and the law, transitional justice and in the implementation 1325 in Cyprus, the members of the Antenna presented the Network, its history, mission and objectives.

During the meetings the women had the chance to get to know one another and identify how they could contribute to the Antenna’s work. It was an opportunity to discuss the Antenna’s strategic objectives and activities for 2020 and for participants to work together to draft a workplan. Suggestions included activities such as workshops and trainings, awareness raising, and experience and best practices sharing. A focus was also put on the need to collaborate and network with other existing realities to amplify the work done and create a digital presence of the Antenna.