On December 9, 2020 the MWMN Secretariat organised its annual meeting. This closed-door informal event gave the opportunity to the members to virtually meet again and reflect on the work done in these past three years. The meeting was opened by the Italian VM Marina Sereni, whose introductory and welcome remarks were followed by short interventions from the members of the Secretariat who provided a quick overview of the activities undertaken and the progress made.

Taking stock of the achievements accomplished, members were asked to reflect not only on the achievements but also share their thoughts on the role of the Network, the impact it has had and discuss any missed opportunities. These discussions also set the base for further reflections on the way forward for the Network where each member provided insightful suggestions on future activities and initiatives that could be undertaken.

Based on the suggestions and information collected, the Secretariat will work in synergy with the members to draft a workplan for the following month and a new meeting to discuss this further will be scheduled in January.