On 4 April 2019, the El-Hiwar II – Training and Information Course on Euro-Arab Relations organised a workshop on “women and conflict” in Brussels. The workshop aimed at setting an agenda for cooperation between the European Union and the League of the Arab States, with the objective of preventing, fighting and prosecuting all forms of violence and discrimination against girls and women, and of ensuring their physical and psychological integrity in pre-conflict, conflict and post-conflict situations.

Both regional organisations are committed to develop policies and instruments to prevent violence, increase women’s participation in peace and security decision-making processes, protect women’s rights in conflict-affected situations, protect women from sexual and gender-based violence and develop reliving and recovering strategies in conflict and post-conflict environments. Rida Ahmed Al Tubuly, Soad Shalaby, and Khadija Chérif,  representing the MWMN, attended the event and contributed to the debate by sharing their experience with over 30 other participants from the academic, civil society and policy-making sectors.