On October 29, 2020 MWMN/Turkey organized the first part of a Conference aimed at deepening the knowledge of the antenna’s members on a variety of methodologies and strategies employed by mediators.
This first meeting built on the experience and knowledge of five members of the Antenna, namely Prof. Dr. Ayşe Betül Çelik, Doç. Dr. Esra Çuhadar, Aşiyan Süleymanoğlu, Birsen Atakan and Ayşe Gökkan, to share their theoretical understanding and practice-related works on third party intervention.

Prof Çelik provided an initial overview of the fundamentals of conflict resolution discussing concepts and definitions of third party roles to then focus on methods used to enhance dialogue. Prof. Çuhadar followed focusing on Inclusion in peace process and particularly the need to address underlying causes of conflicts and a human rights approach in conflict resolution processes. Additionally, Aşiyan Süleymanoğlu provided an overview of mediation in the practice of law.

The meeting continued focusing on women’s experiences in peace process either as mediators or not and through her stories Birsen Atakan examined approaches and tried to identify best practices and how to improve the methodology. Particular focus was put on the need to create a safe space for women to voice their thoughts and needs. Finally, Ayşe Gökkan shared her experiences on organized mediation and the inclusionary processes of writing a new social contract determine women’s role in society showcasing examples in different cities and among different groups with very different views and perspectives.