Karima Megtef

Categories: Arabic, English, French, Gender, Gender-based violence, Mena Region, Terrorism and (de)radicalization, Women Empowerment, Women Peace and Security Agenda, Women’s rights
Location: Algeria
Geographical expertise: MENA region
Topical expertise: Terrorism and (de)radicalization, Gender and gender-based violence, women peace and security; women’s rights, Empowerment
Languages: Arabic, French (fluent) and English (basic)

Karima Megtef is a doctoral student, teacher, researcher, and gender and radicalization expert. Her commitment to the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network is to raise her voice to promote peace and women’s empowerment. As a victim of Terrorism (the Black Decade when 10 members of her family were killed) it is a question of honouring the memory of her 6 sisters kidnapped by terrorists and those of all the victims by bringing their stories to life and share her experience of reconstruction and mourning.

She is a founding member of the OAF (Algerian Observatory for Women) and a member of the ONVT (national organization of victims of terrorism).  Former executive in charge of study and synthesis, she held the position of central director in charge of the status of women. As a member of ANMJA (National Association of Algerian Judicial Mediators) she is in charge of communication and cooperation. Ms. Megtef is an active member of many networks and commissions on peace promotion, fight against violence, extremism, and radicalisation at both national and regional level. She provides consultancy for the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). As a gender equality and women’s rights activist, she has attended the Seminar of Panafrican Network of the Wise in Algeria on the occasion of the establishment of the African Network of Women Mediators FemWise-Africa.

Karima Megtef

Karima Megtef is a doctoral student, teacher, researcher, and gender...