Edita Tahiri

Categories: Albanian, Conflict resolution, Croatian, English, Europe & EU, Foreign Policy, Middle East, Myanmar, Nepal, North Africa, Philippine, Post-conflict transitions and transitional justice, Serbian, Turkish, Yemen
Location: Kosovo
Geographical expertise: Europe, Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, Yemen, Middle East and North Africa countries
Topical expertise: foreign policy and security, international relations, conflict resolution, international peace negotiations, post-conflict transitions, WPS agenda
Languages: Albanian, Croatian, English, Serbian and Turkish

Edita Tahiri is a key founder and leader of the movement for independence of Kosovo. She was Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs for ten years during the hard times of Kosovo’s liberation (1990-2000), Minister of Dialogue, Minister of Public Administration, Peace Negotiator and Member of Parliament in five terms.

She has a long-standing experience in foreign policy and security, international relations, conflict resolution, international peace negotiations and post-conflict transitions. She is a distinguished peace negotiator and chief negotiator for Kosovo and the Balkan region with about 30 years’ experience. She is recognized as the only woman peace negotiator in the Balkans participating in the international peace processes such as the Rambouillet International Peace Conference on Kosovo (1999), Pre-Rambouillet Peace Negotiation (1998), London Conference on Disintegration of Former Yugoslavia (1992) and Chief Negotiator of Kosovo at the EU facilitated Dialogue on normalization of neighborly relations between Kosovo and Serbia (2011-2017). As the Chief Negotiator of Kosovo in the EU mediated peace talks with Serbia, she is the signatory of first ever-reached agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, after 20 years of peace talks.

She is dedicated to empowerment of women and WPS agenda and has been serving as Chair of the Regional Women’s Lobby in South East Europe for the past 14 years. She is a member of the Women Waging Peace Network.
She is a graduate of Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a major in international relations. She holds a PhD in Political Sciences focused in the international state-building from Prishtina University in cooperation with SAIS Johns Hopkins University. She is a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.

Edita Tahiri

Edita Tahiri is a key founder and leader of the...

Jeta Krasniqi

Categories: Albania, Albanian, Dealing with the past, English, French, Italian, Kosovo, Mediation, Negotiation, Prevention and rehabilitation of CRSV, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Ukraine
Location: Kosovo
Geographical expertise: Kosovo, Albania, Ukraine
Topical expertise:: Prevention and rehabilitation of CRSV, Dealing with the Past, Negotiation & Mediation processes
Languages: English, Italian, Turkish, French (basic), Serbo-Croatian (basic), Albanian (native)

Jeta Krasniqi serves as a project manager at the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) since 2016, focusing on the negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia by working with the parliament to strengthen oversight, transparency and accountability of the process. In addition to inciting internal social and political dialogue through meetings of relevant stakeholders with citizens and civil society, and research analysis. Mrs. Krasniqi is engaged by UN Women as an International Consultant on Prevention and Response to Conflict related sexual violence in Ukraine. At the same time, Mrs. Krasniqi is the deputy chair of the Governmental Commission for the Verification and Recognition of Conflict-related sexual violence victims during the War, representing civil society.

Previously, Mrs. Krasniqi served as Political Advisor to the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, where she was engaged in the field of foreign policy, promotion of human rights and gender equality. Mrs. Krasniqi was the Coordinator of the National Council for Survivors of Sexual Violence during the War established by the then President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga. Mrs. Krasniqi has a long-standing commitment to civil society organizations in advancing the role of women in society in Kosovo and Albania. Jeta Krasniqi graduated in International Affairs at the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and finished her undergraduate studies in International Relations at Eastern Mediterranean University in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Krasniqi is a board member of the Kosovo Women’s Network and the Kosovo American Educational Fund (KAEF).

Jeta Krasniqi

Jeta Krasniqi serves as a project manager at the Kosovo...

Linda Gusia

Categories: Activism, Albanian, Dealing with the past, Dealing with the Past and Memory, English, Gender, Kosovo, Memory, Nationalism, Public space, Representation, Serbian
Location: Kosovo
Geographical expertise: Kosovo
Topical expertise: gender, nationalism, activism, representation, public space, memory, dealing with the past and conflict
Languages: Albanian (native) English (fluent) Serbian (advanced)

Linda Gusia is a feminist activist and a lecturer at the departments of Sociology at the University of Prishtina. Her research has focused on topics of gender, nationalism, activism, representation, public space, memory, dealing with the past and conflict. As part of her PhD theses she interrogated ambiguities of nationalism and gender by looking both; at the women movement in Kosovo and the sexual violence as a strategy of war centring at the politics of gender representation visually and textually. She holds a PhD from University of Prishtina (2016) and MA from NYU (2003).

Linda was co-curator and researcher in the multimedia art exhibition on women’s peaceful resistance in Kosovo and co-founded the University Program for Gender Studies and Research, UP. She was visiting research scholar and fellow at the Gender Research Institute, Dartmouth College, and fellow for five years of the Academic Fellowship Program OSI. She is the principal investigato for several research grants, such as ‘Changing the Story’ Phase II ‘Making of the Museum of Education” AHRC (Global Challenges) project and ReSpace Reanimating Contested Spaces-ReSpace: Designing Participatory Civic Education Changing the Story project (UK-AHRC/GCRF grant) and co-investigator for the ‘Changing the Story’ large Grant Phase II Kosovo and Ruanda project ReSpace- AHRC (Global Challenges).

Linda Gusia

Linda Gusia is a feminist activist and a lecturer at...